More Dirty Dancing – The Reunion Prologue

More Dirty Dancing – The Reunion


It was hot for an early June morning. The blacktop rippled in the heat making it look as if it were liquid. Everything was still, there wasn’t a breeze blowing anywhere.

The car moved quickly in the right hand lane of the New York Thruway. Traffic was light for the first summer weekend since Memorial Day. It was usually jammed with vacationers.

Frannie hit the gas pedal. She had gotten a late start. The rest of the crowd was already there, waiting for her. This was her baby, her show. She wanted everything to be perfect so she could surprise her parents.

It was going to be perfect. She just knew it. It was going to be big, bold and beautiful. She had invited all of the best students that she had.

And to think this whole thing started when she found that diary.

Frannie found it in one of the drawers of her dressing table. It was a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. Now it was Frannie’s turn. But finding this diary was not an accident. It was left with the following inscription:

These are for you, Frannie. The dressing table is for your clothes and personals. The diary, of course, is to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy.

Frannie never forgot that. This show would be her tribute to two wonderful people and to thank them for everything that they had given her throughout their years together.

She stopped the car at the nearest rest stop. There was a beautiful overlook where she just wanted to rest for awhile. So she’d be a little later. It was only rehearsal anyway. Tomorrow night would be the real thing.

Frannie walked to the edge of the overlook and sat down on the stone wall. She held the diary in her hand. She wanted to check something, to make sure she got it right for the show. She opened it up to the first page and began to read.

[ Edited by susan on 2002/6/30 2:12:25 ]


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